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Dear Yuletide 2019

[personal profile] dancinbutterfly
Beloved Yulegoat,

Thank you for sharing these tiny-ass fandoms with me. You are precious and beloved for being in this small fandom hell with me. You are good and generous and I adore you for taking my ramblings. Blessings unto thee.

Before we begin? The icky stuff I do not want.

General DNW (if you haven't already started - if you have this is fine): Non-con/rape. Non-canon death. Slave fic. Miscommunication-centric stories that focus on the conflict created rather than the resolution. Mean-spirited manipulations between canon characters who like each other. Intentional cruelty between canon characters who like each other. Unhappy endings.

Fandom specific DNW: NO Lucien/Stephen-centric fic. NO Abe No Seime Centric fic. No bad Sid fic.

Fandom:A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. Charles
Frank Merrick Lucien Vaudrey
Original Request:

You know what I want? More than anything else? A retelling of Lucien's life where he and Merrick fell in love - when Stephen comes through it's as a passing fancy that's an object of Merrick's jealousy or a friend and mentor in unlocking the Magpie power or MAYBE (but I'd REALLY RATHER NOT PLEASE DONT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE SO STUCK YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ELSE) the sub that Merrick isn't super comfortable that makes them get together via a 3some. Honest to god I read Magpies and was like "How is this story not Merrick and Lucien's love story?????" If you want to make my life, you'll have the time to write a ridiculously long fic where they start falling for each other on the boat to China and Merrick and Lucien will have ridiculous PINING FEELINGS about each other while Lucien is working as a prostitute (and Merrick is keeping him from getting brutalized) and Merrick is working as a fighter (and Lucien is tenderly patching him up after boughts) maybe hooking up in between but needing each other too much to do more than longingly care for each other platonically or maybe they have a bunch of close-call kisses but then narrowly missing each other as they fall for other people (Lucien with his warlord and Merrick with his wife) until they finally figure each other out in London or maybe they hit their stride and are basically husbands who occasionally have other partners or maybe they're steadfast to each other from their late teens/early twenties IDK YOU DECIDE THAT! SHOW ME HOW THEY GET THERE! BUT HONEST TO GOD ANYTHING WHERE THE TWO OF THEM END UP TOGETHER WOULD MAKE ME SO HAPPY I REALLY MEAN THAT.

In my smallest of small fandoms I still ship shit sideways. IDEK. I'm sorry.

DNW: Endgame Lucien/Stephen.

Request 2 by dancinbutterfly
Fandom:Toy Story (Movies)
Sid Phillips (Toy Story (Movies))
</i>Original request: I want to know about Sid's interaction with toys after the first Toy Story. He knows they're alive. They know he knows. How does that change and shape his life, influence his decisions and relationships, with toys and with other people. If you want to make it shippy you absolutely can but do not feel like you need to put him with Andy though - CROSSOVERS ARE WELCOME - FEEL FREE TO GO NUTS: REMEMBER MARVEL IS PART OF DISNEY!!! and if you wanna make my life and make him and his team of sentient toys superheroes who fall in love with another superhero, watch me lose my shit on the sidelines especially if it's like, idk, Wade or Steve or fucking Tony who is just inspired af by his creative soul or something. Seriously go wild. What I really just care about Sid's relationships with the toys. Feel free to make use of any of the Pixar universe theory videos out there - also his apparent life as a garbage man in Toy Story 3.</i>

Anything with Sid confiding in, doing repairs for, or generally being a friend to the toys would be great. Nothing is more important that that aspect to me though I do prefer shippy fic to gen. :D

DNW: I'm not really attached to Andy.

Request 3 by dancinbutterfly
Fandom:真夜中のオカルト公務員 | Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin | Midnight Occult Civil Servants (Anime)
Sakaki Kyouichi Miyako Arata Huehuecoyotl | KohakuHimezuka Theo
Original request:So, Kyouichi/Theo's dynamic is really interesting and I ship that. Theo is so set on helping Kyouichi and they have such a history that I find super interesting.

I am also open to Kyoichi/Arata after the Azazel thing.

Arata/Kohaku are delish too. Seriously the way Kohaku asks is the thirstiest and I love it. When Kohaku called him "Mine" and stared down a monster I was done. Yaaaaas gawd (literally).

This show caught me off guard. It's such a fun idea and I really love the universe. I would love case fic or slice of life. The only things I hard DNW are 1) Kohaku being awful to the Civil Servant crew (and if you watched this show you know what I mean) if you are doing Kohaku/Arata, though please feel free to have him be awful if you're doing a Kyoichi ship, 2) sad endings for the Anothers or the humans involved in cases - especially if you decide to use Mr Tokyo Special Branch and his war crimes and 3)AUs because I love the universe as it is.

The promised suggestions:
Arata experiencing some flashbacks to Abe no Seimei's life
Kohaku does something about *Jonathan Van Ness hands gestures* Arata's whole look
Kyoichi's little sister playing matchmaker with her big-little brother and the man who helped save her
Theo making Kyoichi engage in some freaking self-care by caring for him on their day off

This entry was originally posted at https://dancinbutterfly.dreamwidth.org/848831.html. Please comment wherever you wish.

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